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We take listener suggustions via facebook for this between Christmas and New Year's episode.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has been released so the Athletes weigh in on the early access controversy, long waits in the queue and if and how our experiences differed from the beta.

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Dan and special guest host, cousin Chris say farewell to Star Wars galaxies and we have another long Skyrim discussion in this VERY long episode.

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Based on Stuff from the Future's podcast episode on the future of gaming, we discuss...........the future of gaming.

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With the beta fresh in our minds, and the non-disclosure agreement recently lifted, we talk about the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta.

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We have Billy in studio to talk with us about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Will tells us about Halo Anniversary Edition and the new Assassin's Creed.....and we talk some more Skyrim.

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We list and discuss our top 5 favorite foods/beverages when like to consume whilst gaming and talk about the games we're thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

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We spend an entire legnthy segment on the wondrous Skyrim.

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We sat down in studio with Sebastien, who filled up in on some recent PS3 releases and we also discussed his top 9 favorite games.

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We focus on "just the news" in this latest episode of the Thumbstick Athletes.  Music by vice & virtue.

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We do a rundown of X-Play's 10 scariest games list as well as dicuss our own scary gaming moments.....then begin an arguement about the holidays.

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In this episode the Athletes invite Sarica into the studio to discuss the titan of MMORPG's World of Warcraft, in which we touch on the game's past and present and even the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria.

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In this episode the Thumbstick Athletes wax nostalgic with a longtime friend Graham, as well as disuss the present and future games.

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We discuss the (mostly) horrible movies out there that are based on videogames.

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We list our top 5 favorite games where exploration/discovery are an important part of the game.

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Dan, Eric, and Will faceoff in a Videogame Music Trivia challenge hosted by Corey.

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For those of you that clicked the "official website" link on iTunes or Zune, our actual website is  Oon there we have all our blog posts, episode flash players, etc.  Check it out!

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In Episode 10 we list a few different ways to save some money and still play some games.  It's an expensive hobby/habit/addiction and we're looking out for you!

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Will and Corey welcome special guest host Adrienne to talk some PC gaming, primarily upcoming PC releases.

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In episode 8, we do an in-depth review of NHL 12 and give our predictions for the Stanley Cup Finals matchup as well discuss hockey in general.

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In episode #7 we brave the elements to relive the tragedies of our gaming past.  Eric gives his NFL predictions for the season and Will does a Bastion review.

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Dan, Eric, Corey and Will celebrate Labor Day with some OnLive and videogame themed alcohol (except Will!)

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Dan, Corey, Eric and Will discuss the online gaming service known as OnLive.  The athletes rip poor ISP customer service and Eric reviews Madden 12 and more in episode 6.

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In this episode we conclude our two part fall games preview by talking Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3, salivating over Skyrim, plus one of the hosts drinks too much.  In the news segment, though poorly read by the drunken one, our feathers get ruffled over a news story.  Check it out!

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Corey and Will list the first half of the fall game releases and gloss over most, but go into depth on some of the bigger releases.  We also (sort of) respond to fan questions, but decide to pass the buck on to the next episode.  

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Corey and a sick Will tell stories from their past where playing videogames took precendence over something else we should have been doing. 

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Corey and Will discuss mobile gaming on all the major platforms.

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Hosts Dan, Corey, Eric and Will list their top 10 favorite games and go into depth about their top 5.

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