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In this episode we conclude our two part fall games preview by talking Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3, salivating over Skyrim, plus one of the hosts drinks too much.  In the news segment, though poorly read by the drunken one, our feathers get ruffled over a news story.  Check it out!

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Corey and Will list the first half of the fall game releases and gloss over most, but go into depth on some of the bigger releases.  We also (sort of) respond to fan questions, but decide to pass the buck on to the next episode.  

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Corey and a sick Will tell stories from their past where playing videogames took precendence over something else we should have been doing. 

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Corey and Will discuss mobile gaming on all the major platforms.

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Hosts Dan, Corey, Eric and Will list their top 10 favorite games and go into depth about their top 5.

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