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We do a rundown of X-Play's 10 scariest games list as well as dicuss our own scary gaming moments.....then begin an arguement about the holidays.

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In this episode the Athletes invite Sarica into the studio to discuss the titan of MMORPG's World of Warcraft, in which we touch on the game's past and present and even the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria.

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In this episode the Thumbstick Athletes wax nostalgic with a longtime friend Graham, as well as disuss the present and future games.

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We discuss the (mostly) horrible movies out there that are based on videogames.

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We list our top 5 favorite games where exploration/discovery are an important part of the game.

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Dan, Eric, and Will faceoff in a Videogame Music Trivia challenge hosted by Corey.

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For those of you that clicked the "official website" link on iTunes or Zune, our actual website is  Oon there we have all our blog posts, episode flash players, etc.  Check it out!

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