Thumbstick Athletes

We discuss the newly released Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC as well as the Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim.

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The Athletes discuss the newly announced Microsoft Surface Tablet and some gaming news during the main segment.

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Though we had many tough decisions, we list our top 5 SNES games as well discuss some honorable mentions.

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We do a legnthy recap of all the major E3 presentations as well as touch on some minor announcements made during the week's events.

00:02:00- Teasers:  Crusader Kings II, Dragon’s Dogma, Gaikai

00:05:00- Our Weeks

-Corey: followed E3 closely, signed up for Blockbuster All Access and Gamefly

-Will: prom weekend, didn’t go but partied afterward

-Dan: also followed E3 closely, watch TMNT 2, blast from the past

00:14:44- Break

00:13:30- Microsoft

-SmartGlass, games and Kinect integration

00:54:40- EA

-games, UFC license

01:12:44- Break

01:14:12- Ubisoft

-games, especially Watch Dogs

01:35:53- Sony

-Wonderbook, games and some Vita specific games

01:54:28- Nintendo

-Wii U info, games for the new system

02:20:45- Miscellaneous

-Star Wars 1313, etc.,

02:37:53- Break

02:39:17- Feedback

03:03:26- What we Played

-Will: beat Diablo III, purchased Diablo II and had trouble installing

-Corey: Dawn of Discovery, Crusader Kings II, Gaikai

-Dan: beat Dragon’s Dogma, hopefully posting review soon


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The title speaks for itself, we discuss some of the confirmed announcements as well as some rumors for 2012 E3.

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In this new episode type we start with the very basics, breaking down the differences between the consoles and the old standby PC gaming.  

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