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SPOILER WARNING!  We talk about the Assassin's Creed storyline to this point, relating the events from AC 1, 2, Brotherhood and Revelations along with a preview of some of the things to look forward to in the upcoming iteration of the franchise.

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We bring return guest Justin in studio to talk about his experiences in the competitive gaming world wiith the classic Counter-Strike.  The Athletes also (as usual) give a brief history of e-sports and competitive gaming.

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We discuss our plans for the impending release of Halo 4 in the first half of this week's hangover episode, and discuss the election and politics in the second half.  Ye be warned!  We're not fans of either candidate, and explain why we'll be not voting on election day.

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The new stealth-action game Dishonored from Arkane Studios is our topic for this week's episode.  Find out our thoughts in this slightly different formatted episode.

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With the recent release of XCOM, we decide it's a good time to talk aliens.  We get a tad philosophical in this episode and only talk a little bit about video games.

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The newly released strategy game from Firaxis is this week's topic of discussion.

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Dan, Will and Corey talk the NHL Lockout finally and some strategies we, as fans, can use to voice our displeasure.

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We all have games we hate right?  In this week's episode we list the 5 games we all hate the most for various reasons.  Plus there's a lot of profanity this be warned.

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Corey gets and iPhone 5 and we talk (very) briefly about it.

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