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The new BioShock Infinite is unanimously well recieved by critics throughout the gaming community, so find out the the Athletes thought of it in this week's episode of the Thumbstick Athletes podcast.

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We're hopefully getting back on track with the hangover episodes in discussing the upcoming BioShock Infinite.  Full episode on it later this week. 

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In this week's podcast, the Athletes all have a different topic from the gaming world to discuss.  Will wonders what he should do about Sim City, Eric wonders which game he should play next, Dan wonders if $70 games are worth it, and Corey talks about the resignation of EA's CEO.

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For this week's episode, we do a rundown of some of the iconic controllers from gaming's past all the way up to the current generation.  (and even talk briefly about the next gen controller we know about)

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The episode title says it all.  Tomb Raider and Sim City are the topics of discussion this week, as well as the hot topic of the week....the dreaded always online DRM.

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Though it was tough to finally get out, the Athletes recap their month of games they should have beaten in February.

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