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For this week's episode we pick and talk about our top 5 games that we would use to sway a non gamer over to the good side.

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This is the better quality recording of our last episode, which was recorded accidently with the webcam microphone instead of the usual mic/mixer.  It was taken from the livestream audio, so it sounds much better but not as good as usual.  The person responsible has been sacked.

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With Microsoft finally having the reveal for their next gen system, we can finally weigh in.

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We continue our talks on the Metro game series with the newly release Metro: Last Light.

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It's just Dan and Corey this week, pre-empting the Metro: Last Light release by talking about the first game in the Metro series, Metro 2033.

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For this week's episode, riddled with technical difficulties, we talk about recent indie releases Monaco and Don't Starve.

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