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It's that time of the year again, where we do a multi-part rundown of all the games coming out in the fall.....2013 edition.

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The greatly anticipated new release of the Saint's Row series, under the guidance of a shiny new publisher.  Dan, Corey and Will share their thoughts on the nutty, over-the-top action of Saint's Row IV.

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SPOILERS abound in this episode, as we recap the story of To The Moon and our thoughts on it now that we have all finally played it.  Once again, contains SPOILERS!!!!

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The first time we do a new release episode on a Wii U title!  This honor goes to Pikmin 3, the first of a fairly solid late summer/fall lineup for Nintendo's new system.

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Since we've been out for two years as of yesterday, we decided to do a listener's choice where we answer any and all questions posed to us by our fans/listeners.

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With the title being self-evident, I don't really need to go into any further detail.  Get the skinny on Shadowrun Returns!

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