Thumbstick Athletes

The annual Thumbie awards for the calendar year 2014, a legnthy and booze-fueled ode to this year in gaming.

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For this week's episode we cover some of the games we wish we had played this year.  Usually a Thumbies category, we decided to cover it a week early.

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While it's not necessarily a highlights episode, I do play some clips from episodes where we covered some of the year's biggest releases.

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Finally we get to cover the highly rated third enrty in the Dragon Age series. 

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We go back and revisit our predictions from earlier in the year to see which are wrong and which are correct...and argue about Steam Machines...again!

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Another dual release episode, but this time much higher praise from the Athletes than last week.  Tune in to hear Eric's thoughts on the new Smash Bros, as has hated previous entries in the series.

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Two piss poor games to review this week.  Usually we're not that negative, but damn...try harder next time.

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A little change of pace this week, talking about why we didn't purchase this year's Call of Duty.  Particularly Will and Eric, who usually make the Duty plunge, express their thoughts on why they didn't get it.

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An XBox One exclusive for this week's episode in Sunset Overdrive.  It was described as a mix of Saint's Row, inFamous, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater....sounds like fun!

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It's Civ, but all Sci-Fi!  Find out how different, if at atll, Beyond Earth is from previous entries.

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More Borderlands abound in The Pre-Sequel, good news if you're a fan of the series and bad news if you're not.

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The newest entry in the multi-billion dollar Skylanders franchise involves trapping baddies escaped from well as the usual emptying of your wallet!

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Shadow of Mordor is finally out and we get to experience what an Assassin's Creed, Batman Arkham, LOTR mash up would be like.  Hint: pretty sweet!

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The Thumbstick Athletes cover the kickstarted old-school RPG Wasteland 2 this week, after Corey briefly discussing last week.

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We had a little different pace for this week's episode, as we asked listeners to sumbit topics of discusson on or off the usual subject of gaming.

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It's finally here!  After several long years of waiting for the next title from Bungie, gamers can finally get their hands on the MMO/FPS hybrid and find out if it lives up to it's lofty expectations.

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In anticipation of the upcoming Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, we go back and cover all of the LoTR games from the beginning and reminisce about the ones we've played.

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The second part of our Fall Games preview, in which we cover November, December and unscheduled releases.

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Our yearly preview of some of the games coming in the Fall of 2014.

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Skyrim is a game that is meant to be modded, and the community certainly doesn't disappoint!  Graphics, weapons and armor, even entirely new landmasses were all created by players for Bethesda's already gigantic RPG.

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Lots of big announcements from Gamescom this week, so we cover some of the bigger ones in a very E3-esque way.

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We again don't have main topic this week, opting instead to cover some of this week's news stories in more depth.

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In lieu of unifying main topic, we instead move the roundtable segment up and each bring a topic worthy of some discussion.

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THe one of us that doesn't have a computer capable of playing The Crew Beta is the one that got the key.  Luckily he passed it on so we were able to get some time in for this week's episode.

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We finally have a full on episode on Blizzard's hit card game Hearthstone.

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In which we list our 5 favorite co-op games of all time.

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Valiant Hearts is Ubisoft's new UbiArt Framework game which follows 4 people caught up in the events of World War I.

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For this week's episode, the Athletes welcome back Jarad to talk Tomodachi Life.  It's one of those games that only Nintendo can pull off.

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No NDA means we can talk about our experiences with the Destiny alpha without fear of legal action!  Find out what we thought of Bungie's ambitious MMO/FPS/RPG hybrid.

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Every gamer's favorite time of the year!  E3 2014 has just ended and we, the Athletes, share our views on the different press conferences and offer up some winners and losers from this year's Expo.

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We don't do anything necessarily special for our 150th episode, but do cover a special game in Mario Kart 8.

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Watch_Dogs is finally out!  The hype.  The delays.  More hype.  As usual, find out our thoughts!

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Two games are the main topic for this week, with Eric talking about the new Wolfenstein game and Dan and Will covering Transistor.

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Will takes this lead for this week's episode on MLB 14 The Show.  It's only fair to let him lead the main segment, as he's the biggest baseball fan out of all of us...and well...he's the only one that bought it.

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This week we cover the new artistic RPG Child of Light, from Ubisoft Montreal, makers of the very different Far Cry series.  It's one we all played too, so you get to hear the perspective of all the Athletes for the first time in awhile.

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The gang is all here for our epsiode on Dark Souls II!  Find out our thoughts on the brutal and unforgiving action RPG.

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Just Dan and Will this week, so they combine a regular episode with Dan's Watch Out For and do a Child of Light preview.

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For this week's episode, something a little different.  We list the top 5 things we wish the other members of the podcast liked, with some games and genres being things listed and some a little off topic.

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One of the Athletes finally got an XBOX One, so we can weigh in on the menus, games, kinect, controller and draw some comparisons to the PS4.

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With April Fools day having just passed by, the Athletes do a summary of some the jokes and pranks that floated around the gaming world.  Some good, some plausible, and others...not so good.

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The first big PS4 exclusive launched last week, is it a system seller?  Or should you wait on inFAMOUS and get it later.

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Watch Out For 1: X

My first Watch Out For on the Wii U exclusive X.  Plus a mission statement at the beginning.

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The episode this week covers VALVe's new documentary called Free to Play, which follows the lives of three DOTA 2 players and their difficulties with being the trailblazers in the new e-sports frontier.

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The ads for Titanfall say "Believe the hype" but should you?  This week we examine the next big FPS from Respawn and EA and whether or not it lives up to it's hype and expectations.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth is finally out!  The Athletes cover the game so far as well as cover some of the mechincs you will find in the game. 

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Episode 136: 2014 Four in February Finale

The recap episode for our Four in February challenge, only with a little less drunkeness than last year.

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The Athletes review the new 3DS JRPG Bravely Default, and Corey and Will talk about their experiences with the Titanfall beta.

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Ep. 134 Hangover: Titanfall Beta

Dan and Will talk briefly about Will's experience with the Titanfall beta on Xbox One.

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Episode 134: The Banner Saga

We finally got around to doing an episode on The Banner Saga.  We didn't confuse it at all with Candy Crush Saga...

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Though it isn't technically next gen anymore, Dan, Eric and Will give some ideas for features/hardware and games they would like to see on the PS4 and Xbox One. 

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At the last moment we decided to do a Just the News episode and cover some of the big stories in gaming this week. 

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With the arrival of February, the Athletes again take on the 4 in Feb challenge in attempt to tackle some of the backlog.  This year they select the games for each other, and leave one up to a listener vote.  Also contains BioShock Infinite SPOILERS from 01:21:00 to 01:35:00.  Ye be warned!

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Also a standard episode for early in the year, our 2014 Predictions episode containing some bold, and some VERY bold predictions.

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Part 2 of our 2014 games preview includes all the unscheduled releases for this year, and a much larger portion of this year's games.

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With the arrival of the new year, it's time again to look ahead to all the potentially awesome games that are going to come out this year.  In part 1 of 2014 games preview, we look at the scheduled releases which are mostly Jan, Feb, and March games, but also a few later ones sprinkled in. 

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