Thumbstick Athletes

The annual Thumbie awards for the calendar year 2014, a legnthy and booze-fueled ode to this year in gaming.

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For this week's episode we cover some of the games we wish we had played this year.  Usually a Thumbies category, we decided to cover it a week early.

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While it's not necessarily a highlights episode, I do play some clips from episodes where we covered some of the year's biggest releases.

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Finally we get to cover the highly rated third enrty in the Dragon Age series. 

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We go back and revisit our predictions from earlier in the year to see which are wrong and which are correct...and argue about Steam Machines...again!

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Another dual release episode, but this time much higher praise from the Athletes than last week.  Tune in to hear Eric's thoughts on the new Smash Bros, as has hated previous entries in the series.

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Two piss poor games to review this week.  Usually we're not that negative, but damn...try harder next time.

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A little change of pace this week, talking about why we didn't purchase this year's Call of Duty.  Particularly Will and Eric, who usually make the Duty plunge, express their thoughts on why they didn't get it.

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An XBox One exclusive for this week's episode in Sunset Overdrive.  It was described as a mix of Saint's Row, inFamous, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater....sounds like fun!

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It's Civ, but all Sci-Fi!  Find out how different, if at atll, Beyond Earth is from previous entries.

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