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At the last moment we decided to do a Just the News episode and cover some of the big stories in gaming this week. 

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With the arrival of February, the Athletes again take on the 4 in Feb challenge in attempt to tackle some of the backlog.  This year they select the games for each other, and leave one up to a listener vote.  Also contains BioShock Infinite SPOILERS from 01:21:00 to 01:35:00.  Ye be warned!

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Also a standard episode for early in the year, our 2014 Predictions episode containing some bold, and some VERY bold predictions.

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Part 2 of our 2014 games preview includes all the unscheduled releases for this year, and a much larger portion of this year's games.

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With the arrival of the new year, it's time again to look ahead to all the potentially awesome games that are going to come out this year.  In part 1 of 2014 games preview, we look at the scheduled releases which are mostly Jan, Feb, and March games, but also a few later ones sprinkled in. 

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