Thumbstick Athletes

The first big PS4 exclusive launched last week, is it a system seller?  Or should you wait on inFAMOUS and get it later.

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Watch Out For 1: X

My first Watch Out For on the Wii U exclusive X.  Plus a mission statement at the beginning.

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The episode this week covers VALVe's new documentary called Free to Play, which follows the lives of three DOTA 2 players and their difficulties with being the trailblazers in the new e-sports frontier.

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The ads for Titanfall say "Believe the hype" but should you?  This week we examine the next big FPS from Respawn and EA and whether or not it lives up to it's hype and expectations.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth is finally out!  The Athletes cover the game so far as well as cover some of the mechincs you will find in the game. 

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Episode 136: 2014 Four in February Finale

The recap episode for our Four in February challenge, only with a little less drunkeness than last year.

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