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Watch_Dogs is finally out!  The hype.  The delays.  More hype.  As usual, find out our thoughts!

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Two games are the main topic for this week, with Eric talking about the new Wolfenstein game and Dan and Will covering Transistor.

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Will takes this lead for this week's episode on MLB 14 The Show.  It's only fair to let him lead the main segment, as he's the biggest baseball fan out of all of us...and well...he's the only one that bought it.

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This week we cover the new artistic RPG Child of Light, from Ubisoft Montreal, makers of the very different Far Cry series.  It's one we all played too, so you get to hear the perspective of all the Athletes for the first time in awhile.

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The gang is all here for our epsiode on Dark Souls II!  Find out our thoughts on the brutal and unforgiving action RPG.

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