Thumbstick Athletes

We scratch the surface of the Minecraft-esque MMORPG Trove, covering our first few hours and early impressions of combat and exploration.

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One of the first games in awhile all 4 us have played, and an all around excellent competitive multiplayer game, Rocket Leauge is way more fun than it has any business being.

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The title says it all, we discuss 5 of our favorite games of the first half of 2015 in no particular order.

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Eric is back and we can talk about Batman!  However, in attempt to not spoil any of the juicy story details we talk mostly about the Batmobile.

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The Wii U had a pretty poor showing at this year's E3, leading some to believe Nintendo's focus is shifting towards it's next console codenamed the NX.  It gave us a good opportunity to speculate what we think the console could be.

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