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We talk about the wonderful Fire Emblem Fates games this week, with Will covering Birthright and Dan covering Conquest.  We're looking forward to the release of the third part, Revelations!


During Nibblebits (news) we talk about the leaked Fallout 4 survival mode, BioShock Collection being rated in Brazil, and the Necromancer coming to Heroes of the Storm.


During What We Played we cover The Division Beta, Danganronpa: Tigger Happy Havoc, and Will gives his brief first impressions of Far Cry Primal.

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It's a host's choice episode where we talk about gaming addictions, Fallout 4, and some ideas for video content. 

During "What We Played" we talked some more XCOM 2.

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XCOM 2 picks up after the inevitable failure of the XCOM project in XCOM Enemy Unkown.  We discuss our thoughts on some of the changes made for the second game and get into some of the performance issues as well.


During "What We Played" we talk about the newly released Firewatch and Unravel and talk some more about The Witness.

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Some of the other Athletes got a chance to play The Division Beta so we had our episode on it this week.  During "What We Played" Corey and Will talk some more about The Witness.

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