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With Fire Emblem: Three Houses just a night away, we decided it was a good time to revisit our favorite titles from this underutilized genre.  Yes....we do have Final Fantasy Tactics on the list.  Shut up about it, there are other games on the list too!

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Since last week's episode was a semi-annual recap of the year's most important games, we didn't get a chance to cover some of the important news in gaming like we usually do.  We made up for it this week with an entire main segment devoted to the most breaking gaming the Switch Lite, Fire Emblem and Pokemon Sword and Shield news, and Ubisoft's new UPlay+ service.


During "What We Played" there is some more Super Mario Maker 2 talk, as well as first impressions of Dr. Mario World.

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Time for the annual Mid year recap...a refresher for some of the games we've covered earlier in the year.  This year we have excerpts from our episodes on Wargroove, Kingdom Hearts 3, Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro, and Fell Seal.

No nibblebits, feedback or "What We Played" for this week...but we'll get caught up on all that when we return to live episodes next week!

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Super Mario Maker 2 is here, complete with new tools to create, new ways to play, and yes...a story mode.  Corey and Dan describe their first week with the game, trying most of SMM2 has to offer aside from the versus modes.  Later on in the pod, we discuss Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite and Summer Games Done Quick's outstanding new fundraising milestone.

Dan and Corey's Mario Maker 2 Levels:


Corey: Global Warming ID: 469-DPK-P2G

Dan: Participation Trophy 2 ID: 7BV-8FV-LDF

        Touchdown Boy 2 ID: M65-V8K-JKF

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