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In addition to talking about the full release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare we also talk about the mobile version of the game, Call of Duty Mobile, which is quite good.  For Modern Warfare, you pretty much know what you're getting...a polished shooter with a huge playerbase and excellent competitive online.  Plus it seems the campaign is quite good also!

We also briefly touch on The Outer Worlds, the Borderlands/Fallout New Vegas-esque game from Obsidian that also rather excellent!

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Yikes...Bethesda has really stepped in it again with the announcement of Fallout 1st, a subscription to a game you already have to buy that's kind of expensive and doesn't seem to get you that much.  At least that's our take, but we use it as an opportunity to talk about some of the other great videogame subscription services like GamePass, Uplay+ and PS Now.


In other news, The Last of Us 2 was delayed, Shroud leaves Twitch for Mixer, Will played a lot of Persona 5 and Dan played a lot of Fortnite!

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This episode is somewhat out of character for us, as we're all getting old and not keeping up with what the kids are playing nowadays...but something about the way Fortnite was taken down for a few days sucked us right in. 

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We have our annual fall games preview for this week's episode...a few weeks later than usual.  At least with recording it this late, we have fewer games to cover, and there seems to be fewer releases in general this fall.  We have some heavy hitters like Call of Duty and Pokemon Sword and Shield, but other than that it more minor stuff and ports or remasters.  Our wallets will thank us!


Other than that, we talked about our return to Extra Life this year, Persona 5, Link's Awakening, Untitled Goose Game and more!

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Thanks to Idaho Jake for this suggestion a few weeks ago, where we (and members of the chat) answer 50 gaming related questions.  Some examples are:

If you had to marry the last videogame character, who would it be?


Has a game's storyline ever made you cry?


What's your favorite game series of all time?


There's 47 other good questions there and we got tons of good answers from the chat!  Thanks to everyone who pitched in!


Since that was most of the episode, we only had a little to talk about for the other segments...Will talked a bit about Persona 5 and Astral Chain and Dan talked a little Mario Kart Tour and a tiny bit of Link's Awakening.



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