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It's time for the annual, end of the year celebration of games...where we nominate some games, and tear down others.  We have some outlandish categories, like "Best Ambassador Game" and "Best Rainy Day Game."  We also fuel the fires of the console wars with "Most Valuable Console."  Then we have some more run-of-the-mill awards like "Best Indie Game" and GOTY. 

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The 20-teens are almost and it's time to decide on the Thumbstick Athletes Podcast's game of the decade.  We've been doing this since summer of 2011, so we've also been a Pod for most of the games we're talking about here.  First we go through and name our individual GotD, and use that as a starter for the ultimate TSA Podcast GotD.

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Up this week, a game from EA that's not a sports game or shooter....and it happens to be a Star Wars game.  Typically this spells disaster, but Fallen Order appears to be a bit of a victory for EA.  (Thank you Respawn!)  Eric and Corey play the first Star Wars game from EA that doesn't stink and relate their experiences with it.


Later in the episode we cover The Game Awards nominees, Halo Reach on PC, more Pokemon Sword and Shield, and LOTS of other things!

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