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On the request of Tito, Dan and Eric (and Corey through the power of email) discuss elements of great videogames.  Is it graphics, gameplay, difficulty?  All of them?


Later on Eric talks about seeing Joker and 1917 and Dan played some Temtem.

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So yeah, a new Dragon Ball Z game has come out's pretty good.  If you're a DBZ fan of course, though some reviews say it holds up pretty well on it own.  Either way, Will...a big Dragon Ball fan played a pretty good amount over the past week and offers up his thoughts.


In other news Stardew Valley has sold 10 million copies, Dan beat Pokemon Sword, and Will is playing a buttload of WoW.

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It was a big week for game news, with some colossal game delays, surprise PC releases, and Pokemon and Smash Will and I scrap our original episode idea and cover some these stories like true gaming pundits!


An early entry for the "Most Surprising Podcast Development" Thumbie award...Will has been playing World of Warcraft!?

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Another annual episode for the TSA Pod....we do our 2020 Games Preview here talking about some of the big releases coming soon, including Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2, and Animal Crossing New Horizons.


This was also a "My Week" and "What I Played" heavy episode!

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It's time for our semi-annual recap, where I play some clips for episodes of some the bigger game releases that we cover for episodes.  At the end of the year, of course we cover the second half releases, meaning anything from July Fire Emblem: Three Houses, WoW Classic, and Borderlands 3 among others.

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