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Yes, February is almost over, but it's not too late to get in our predictions for the REST of 2020.  It's ALWAYS fun to speculate what Nintendo might or might not do and unfortunately the coronavirus will have an impact on gaming this year.  But stay positive, there's bound to be some surprise announcements, and we're pretty positive about 2020's outlook!



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Since 4 in February has been a contentious staple for the Thumbstick Athletes Podcast, and we forgot about it this year...we decided we would make March the month where we tackle backlog games.  Luckily Will was prepared with a few titles so only Dan had to scour his backlog for games to play. 

We also discuss some of the announcement for Animal Crossing New Horizons and Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2!

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Dan played GRIS finally and it inspired a discussion on some of the better examples of artistic games out there.  It's a topic that's very important to us, as we've been on team "Games are art" since the very beginning of this podcast.  Also GRIS was spectacular!


Later on we talk about the new Fire Emblem DLC Cindered Shadows.

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That Pokemon-esque MMORPG Temtem finally hit Steam Early Access and Dan was all over it.  While there are certainly some similarities, the differences are what make it shine and help differentiate it from Pokemon.  Temtem up!


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