Thumbstick Athletes (general)

We discuss the (mostly) horrible movies out there that are based on videogames.

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We list our top 5 favorite games where exploration/discovery are an important part of the game.

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Dan, Eric, and Will faceoff in a Videogame Music Trivia challenge hosted by Corey.

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For those of you that clicked the "official website" link on iTunes or Zune, our actual website is  Oon there we have all our blog posts, episode flash players, etc.  Check it out!

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In Episode 10 we list a few different ways to save some money and still play some games.  It's an expensive hobby/habit/addiction and we're looking out for you!

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Hosts Dan, Eric, Will and Corey welcome special guest host Adrienne to talk some PC gaming, primarily upcoming PC releases.

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In episode 8, we do an in-depth review of NHL 12 and give our predictions for the Stanley Cup Finals matchup as well discuss hockey in general.

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In episode #7 we brave the elements to relive the tragedies of our gaming past.  Eric gives his NFL predictions for the season and Will does a Bastion review.

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Dan, Eric, Corey and Will celebrate Labor Day with some OnLive and videogame themed alcohol (except Will!)

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Dan, Corey, Eric and Will discuss the online gaming service known as OnLive.  The athletes rip poor ISP customer service and Eric reviews Madden 12 and more in episode 6.

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