Thumbstick Athletes (general)

With April Fools day having just passed by, the Athletes do a summary of some the jokes and pranks that floated around the gaming world.  Some good, some plausible, and others...not so good.

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The first big PS4 exclusive launched last week, is it a system seller?  Or should you wait on inFAMOUS and get it later.

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Watch Out For 1: X

My first Watch Out For on the Wii U exclusive X.  Plus a mission statement at the beginning.

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The episode this week covers VALVe's new documentary called Free to Play, which follows the lives of three DOTA 2 players and their difficulties with being the trailblazers in the new e-sports frontier.

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The ads for Titanfall say "Believe the hype" but should you?  This week we examine the next big FPS from Respawn and EA and whether or not it lives up to it's hype and expectations.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth is finally out!  The Athletes cover the game so far as well as cover some of the mechincs you will find in the game. 

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Episode 136: 2014 Four in February Finale

The recap episode for our Four in February challenge, only with a little less drunkeness than last year.

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The Athletes review the new 3DS JRPG Bravely Default, and Corey and Will talk about their experiences with the Titanfall beta.

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Ep. 134 Hangover: Titanfall Beta

Dan and Will talk briefly about Will's experience with the Titanfall beta on Xbox One.

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Episode 134: The Banner Saga

We finally got around to doing an episode on The Banner Saga.  We didn't confuse it at all with Candy Crush Saga...

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Though it isn't technically next gen anymore, Dan, Eric and Will give some ideas for features/hardware and games they would like to see on the PS4 and Xbox One. 

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At the last moment we decided to do a Just the News episode and cover some of the big stories in gaming this week. 

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With the arrival of February, the Athletes again take on the 4 in Feb challenge in attempt to tackle some of the backlog.  This year they select the games for each other, and leave one up to a listener vote.  Also contains BioShock Infinite SPOILERS from 01:21:00 to 01:35:00.  Ye be warned!

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Also a standard episode for early in the year, our 2014 Predictions episode containing some bold, and some VERY bold predictions.

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Part 2 of our 2014 games preview includes all the unscheduled releases for this year, and a much larger portion of this year's games.

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With the arrival of the new year, it's time again to look ahead to all the potentially awesome games that are going to come out this year.  In part 1 of 2014 games preview, we look at the scheduled releases which are mostly Jan, Feb, and March games, but also a few later ones sprinkled in. 

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For this year's Thumbies awards, we vote on the different categories to come up with consensus picks for our various awards.  Of course, lots of arguements ensue.

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We finally get around to doing our spoiler episode for the Walking Dead season 1.  This episode contains SPOILERS and is for those who have already played the Walking Dead, or those who don't care.  Skip to 01:25:00 (one hour, twenty-five minutes) to miss any spoilers from the episode, there we have our nibblebits segment on through the rest of the epsiode. 

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We recap the 2013 Spike TV VGX awards in all their...glory, covering all the announcements along with the awards.

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We cover some new Nintendo titles this week in the 3D Mario game for the Wii U and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.  We also have Jarad (who we've talked about before, but never had on) to talk about The Wolf Among Us. 

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Initially we had only planned on doing Battlefield 4 for this episode, but a strong desire to talk about Assassin's Creed 4 developed part way through the main segment. 

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The Athletes, in hangover format, give their brief thoughts on the newest Call of Duty.  Contains SPOILERS from the campaign.

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Dan, Will and Eric all (finally) got their shiny new PlayStation 4's and crammed in as much time with the new system as they could in 4 days.  Find out their thoughts on the new controller, system, and launch games in Episode 122.

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As a farewell to the generation, the Thumbstick Athletes have a roundtable discussion to decide as a group what was the best game of the 7th generation. 

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The Athletes do an episode on Path of Exile now that the full version has been released.

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Eric takes the lead during the main segment this week, talking about one of his favorite gaming franchises newest release in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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Dan makes his triumphant return to the Pokemon universe (since red and Blue) along with Will, a much more experienced Pokemon veteran. 

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I know, I know...we skipped the Sega Genesis, but here's our lists of top PS Ones games.

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A dual release episode, with Beyond: Two Souls and Wind Waker HD making up the main segment.  Also, Corey returns!

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Valve had a host of announcements last week for their super popular game distribution service Steam.  The Athletes, as usual, break down all the announcements and what they'll mean for gamers.

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This week Dan, Eric and guest Billy talk about this year's FIFA release and whether it's an improvement from last year.

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It's GTA V.....I don't really need to say anything else. 

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Part 2 of our 2013 Fall games preview, covering the release of the Xbox One through the end of the year, and any games coming out this year which don't yet have release dates. 

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The new Rayman game from Ubisoft, Legends, was supposed to be a Wii U title only apparently, but came out on some other systems as well.  Find out what we though about the Wii U version as well as the Xbox 360 version of Rayman Legends.

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It's that time of the year again, where we do a multi-part rundown of all the games coming out in the fall.....2013 edition.

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The greatly anticipated new release of the Saint's Row series, under the guidance of a shiny new publisher.  Dan, Corey and Will share their thoughts on the nutty, over-the-top action of Saint's Row IV.

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SPOILERS abound in this episode, as we recap the story of To The Moon and our thoughts on it now that we have all finally played it.  Once again, contains SPOILERS!!!!

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The first time we do a new release episode on a Wii U title!  This honor goes to Pikmin 3, the first of a fairly solid late summer/fall lineup for Nintendo's new system.

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Since we've been out for two years as of yesterday, we decided to do a listener's choice where we answer any and all questions posed to us by our fans/listeners.

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With the title being self-evident, I don't really need to go into any further detail.  Get the skinny on Shadowrun Returns!

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This week, the Athletes cover their purchases from the 11 days of the Steam Summer Sales, detailing games bought, played, as well as some buyer's remorse. 

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Will takes this episode on his back and carries us through the main segment, discussing the newest release of one of his favorite gaming franchises in Dynasty Warriors 8.

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Bad internet and a freezing laptop conspired against us this week, making the recording our Hardest Games episode.....well....hard....

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Despite the inherent nerdiness contained in this episode, we discuss the newly released Magic the Gathering 2014 in all its strategic glory.

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The title speaks for itself, this week we dicuss the lauded PS3 title The Last of Us and the excellent PC titles Company of Heroes 2.

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Episode 100!!  On top of hitting our top 10 lists again, we invited some of our previous guests to join us in studio for an update on what they're playing, looking forward to, and thoughts on the new consoles. 

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Our long (3 hours on E3 alone) recap on this year's E3, talking about the new consoles as well as a plethora of new games.

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We talk about two new releases this week in the stunning indie puzzle platformer The Swapper and Cyber-punk action adventure game Remember Me.

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For this week's episode we pick and talk about our top 5 games that we would use to sway a non gamer over to the good side.

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This is the better quality recording of our last episode, which was recorded accidently with the webcam microphone instead of the usual mic/mixer.  It was taken from the livestream audio, so it sounds much better but not as good as usual.  The person responsible has been sacked.

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With Microsoft finally having the reveal for their next gen system, we can finally weigh in.

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We continue our talks on the Metro game series with the newly release Metro: Last Light.

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It's just Dan and Corey this week, pre-empting the Metro: Last Light release by talking about the first game in the Metro series, Metro 2033.

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For this week's episode, riddled with technical difficulties, we talk about recent indie releases Monaco and Don't Starve.

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We catch up on some of the big news stories in the gaming world this week in lieu of our original idea for a show.

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Developer/Publisher LucasArts was unceremoniously shut down after being acquired by Disney, so the Athletes pay homage to some of the better LucasArts games.

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This week the Athletes recap a previously streamed multiplayer matchup of a classic RTS they all enjoyed in the past as offering their thoughts on the remake.

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At a listener's request the Athletes talk about classic games they want to see remade, and in what way.

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This episode contains SPOILERS!!! on the ending of BioShock Infinite, so only listen if you've finished the game or don't care about having it spoiled for you!

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The new BioShock Infinite is unanimously well recieved by critics throughout the gaming community, so find out the the Athletes thought of it in this week's episode of the Thumbstick Athletes podcast.

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We're hopefully getting back on track with the hangover episodes in discussing the upcoming BioShock Infinite.  Full episode on it later this week. 

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In this week's podcast, the Athletes all have a different topic from the gaming world to discuss.  Will wonders what he should do about Sim City, Eric wonders which game he should play next, Dan wonders if $70 games are worth it, and Corey talks about the resignation of EA's CEO.

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For this week's episode, we do a rundown of some of the iconic controllers from gaming's past all the way up to the current generation.  (and even talk briefly about the next gen controller we know about)

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The episode title says it all.  Tomb Raider and Sim City are the topics of discussion this week, as well as the hot topic of the week....the dreaded always online DRM.

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Though it was tough to finally get out, the Athletes recap their month of games they should have beaten in February.

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Fresh off the announcement, the Athletes discuss the content of Sony's PS4 press release as well as offer up some insightful commentray on the subject.

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In the abscence of Corey due to scheduling conflicts, the remaining Athletes discuss their 5 favorite shooters, first person or otherwise. 

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Continuing our Gaming 101 series, we go in-depth with the RPG genre.

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At a listener's request each of the Athletes list their top 5 favorite video game villains.

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In this week's episode we offer up some predictions for the year 2013 in gaming.

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Ouya, Project Shield, PS4 and Xbox 720 are all probably coming out at some point this year, so we run down specs, possible release dates and opinions on the various consoles.

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In part 2 of our 2013 games preview, we list the games that are coming out this year that don't yet have a solid release date.

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Dan, Corey and Will get a chance to record a hangover episode finally, and it's on The Hobbit!  SPOILERS!!!!!!  Don't listen unless you've seen the movie or don't care about having it spoiled.

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The first part of our 2013 video game release schedule and preview.

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We have our first annual Thumby awards episode, where some normal awards were given out, as well some more outlandish ones.

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Supposedly the world is going to be ending soon, se we talk about our favorite games where the world has already ended, or ends at some point during the game.

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We recap, and criticize or validate, some of the award winners from the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards.

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We all had games we missed this year, so for this week's episode we all played something we didn't get the chance to earlier in the year......and talk about it during this episode.

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The (kind of) newly released Planetside 2 is our topic this week, with some likes and some dislikes with the initial impressions.

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The Athletes take in a movie for this week's episode.  Indie Game: The Movie is the subject of commentary this week, and from there we talk a little about indie gaming in general.

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In this brief hangover episode we discuss our plans for Thanksgiving and talk about the one thing in gaming (or specific game) we're most thankful for so far this year. 

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The latest (and greatest?) Call of Duty game, Black Ops 2, has graced us with it's presence.  How does it measure up to the other CoD games and the recently released Halo 4?

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Dan, Will and Corey discuss their experiences with Windows 8 so far, along with some possible slight changes to episode format.

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Halo 4 is FINALLY out!  We've all been looking forward to it for quite some time now and we relish in discussing the series that put Microsoft's gaming console on the map.  We also play some of the music from Halo 4 during the breaks as well.

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Halo 4 is finally coming out this week!  So, we do a quick preview of the blockbuster FPS franchise.

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The new Ubisoft release Assassin's Creed 3 is our topic for this week.  Does the new Revolutionary War propel the latest Assassin's Creed game to new heights?  Or is this generation of games kind of getting tired at this point?  Listen to find out!

Direct download: Episode_67_Assassins_Creed_3.mp3
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SPOILER WARNING!  We talk about the Assassin's Creed storyline to this point, relating the events from AC 1, 2, Brotherhood and Revelations along with a preview of some of the things to look forward to in the upcoming iteration of the franchise.

Direct download: Ep_66_Hangover_Assassins_Creed_3_Preview.mp3
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We bring return guest Justin in studio to talk about his experiences in the competitive gaming world wiith the classic Counter-Strike.  The Athletes also (as usual) give a brief history of e-sports and competitive gaming.

Direct download: Episode_66_Gaming_101_Competitive_Gaming.mp3
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We discuss our plans for the impending release of Halo 4 in the first half of this week's hangover episode, and discuss the election and politics in the second half.  Ye be warned!  We're not fans of either candidate, and explain why we'll be not voting on election day.

Direct download: Ep_65_Hangover_Halo_4_Plans_Politics.mp3
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The new stealth-action game Dishonored from Arkane Studios is our topic for this week's episode.  Find out our thoughts in this slightly different formatted episode.

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With the recent release of XCOM, we decide it's a good time to talk aliens.  We get a tad philosophical in this episode and only talk a little bit about video games.

Direct download: Ep_64_Hangover_Aliens.mp3
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The newly released strategy game from Firaxis is this week's topic of discussion.

Direct download: Episode_64_XCOM.mp3
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Dan, Will and Corey talk the NHL Lockout finally and some strategies we, as fans, can use to voice our displeasure.

Direct download: Ep_63_NHL_Lockout.mp3
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We all have games we hate right?  In this week's episode we list the 5 games we all hate the most for various reasons.  Plus there's a lot of profanity this be warned.

Direct download: Episode_63_5_Most_Hated_Games.mp3
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Corey gets and iPhone 5 and we talk (very) briefly about it.

Direct download: Ep_62_Hangover_iPhone_5.mp3
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We hit on two new releases this week in FIFA 13 and Torchlight 2.

Direct download: Episode_62_FIFA_13_Torchlight_2.mp3
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We talk football in this episode and never really tie it back into videogames, other than saying "Madden" once or twice.

Direct download: Ep_61_Hangover_Football.mp3
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Borderlands 2 is the topic of discussion this episode, and with the shipping delay for Will's copy of the game, Dan is the only one with any input on it.

Direct download: Episode_61_Borderlands_2.mp3
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Will takes the lead in this hangover episode, discussing some new information on Mass Effect 3's Indoctrination Theory he got from a very good and legnthy documentary on the subject.  

Direct download: Ep_60_Hangover_Indoctrination_Theory.mp3
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The Ahletes, minus Corey but plus Chris, list and discuss their top 5 (or 3) favorite Playstation One games.

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